Brides & 'Maids

The sweetest collection of jewellery for brides & bridesmaids, as well as gifts & accessories for celebrating the joy of weddings. x

Pretty in Pearls Necklace Pretty in Pearls NecklacePERSONALISED
From $98.00
Mini Pearl Sleepers Mini Pearl Sleepers
From $82.00
Ex Oh Studs Ex Oh Studs
From $42.00
Mini Rock Huggies Mini Rock Huggies
From $68.00
Mini Pearl Huggies Mini Pearl Huggies
From $86.00
Mini Pearl Studs Mini Pearl StudsBACK IN STOCK
From $48.00
Bestie Bracelet Bestie BraceletPERSONALISED
From $48.00
Little Letter Ring Gold Little Letter Ring GoldOUTLET
$38.00 $64.00
Love You Key Chain Love You Key ChainPERSONALISED
Pretty in Pearls Bracelet Pretty in Pearls BraceletPERSONALISED
From $72.00
Dotty Love Sleepers Dotty Love Sleepers
From $82.00
Mini Rock Sleepers Mini Rock Sleepers
From $82.00