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Valentines Edit

Celebrate love this Valentine's day with our gifts to cherish forever. Personalise your jewellery with our little letters or pendants to signify your love. x 
Love You Lots Gift Box Love You Lots Gift Box
From $56.00
Love You Key Chain Love You Key ChainPERSONALISED
Dotty Love Necklace Dotty Love NecklaceBACK IN STOCK
From $72.00
Sweetheart Necklace Sweetheart Necklace
From $74.00
Dotty Love Studs Dotty Love StudsBACK IN STOCK
From $42.00
Lucky Bracelet Lucky Bracelet
From $38.00
Dotty Love Ring Dotty Love Ring
From $52.00
Dotty Love Bracelet Dotty Love Bracelet
From $62.00
Sweetheart Sleepers Sweetheart Sleepers
From $88.00
Pearly Dotty Love Studs Pearly Dotty Love Studs
From $78.00
Little Letter Necklace Gold Little Letter Necklace GoldPERSONALISED
Little Letter Necklace Silver Little Letter Necklace SilverPERSONALISED